America's Best Dance Crew Finale

americas-best-dance-crewI watched the America's Best Dance Crew tonight. It is the finale of the second season! It was between Super Cr3w and So Real Cru. They are both great crews; so I don't mind whoever wins. They both deserved to be in the top two. To those who don't know what this show is all about. I can tell you that it is about battle of best dancer groups from different coasts. I had been watching this show since the first season. This season I'm excited because there is a Filipino group from Houston, Texas. They are known as So Real Cru. They are not the only Filipino this season. They are Filipino in other groups too. Filipino's are talented and I'm proud to be Filipino! By the way the Super Cr3w is the season champions.

New Ride

Tonight we got our son a new ride. He will be turning two this October 31. Yes he is a Halloween baby. I can't believe he will be two in two months. Time flies so fast. I used to hold him in my arms before; I still do but not long enough than what it used to be. He is getting bigger and heavier for me. My hubby and I took pictures of him while enjoying his new ride. When my hubby putting his ride together he was there watching and helped my hubby by giving the parts. He is so cute when he said "cars dada". He likes cars so much that every time he sees wheels he thinks it's all cars. He also got a hair cut today. My hubby shaved his head (lol). He cried because he is scared of the clippers because it vibrates. He did well today compare before. Every time my son cries you will get pity of him because he has this tears running on his cheeks. When I said tears I mean they are big tears. I think he got a faucet somewhere in his eyes.

The Numerology Love compatibility

love-compatibilityNumerology was once a part of mathematics and was used by some great mathematicians like Pythagoras. It is now considered as pseudo mathematics by modern scientist. Numerology is actually the belief in numbers that they effect are life’s in some way or the other.

Today it is associated with paranormal and has lots of followers. People hold firm belief that numbers like their birth date, name, effects they way they will lead their life name. Numerology love compatibility remains one of the most common aspects of numerology.